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EPC Projects

We offer an extensive range of solar EPC solutions catering to investors, developers, commercial & industrial customers and help them adapting solar power. SSR Green Tech provides turn key EPC services for rooftop/ground mount/floating solar solution.

Commercial & Industrial

Solar EPC solutions will provide a good return on investment by utilizing idle roof space / Land. We provide customized EPC solution as per need and energy consumption. It will also help to reduce / hedge the cost of power from solar at Rs. 3.5-5 / unit* and & can give 3-5* years on payback of investment. Commercial & Industrial customers are eligible for Accelerated depriciation benefits for renewables under IT section 32 on investment for solar rooftops, whereas the depreciation claim shall be at 40% of project value in 1st year*.


SSR Green Tech solar rooftop solutions for institutions can help a great deal in saving of operating expenditure for institutions schools, colleges, universities, non-profit organizations. Customer can avail net metering offered from state electricity utility companies, any excess generation from solar can be net benefied with reduction in electricity bills.

Solar Park

SSR Green Tech provides solar park solution to commercial & industrial power consumers. We also offer "captive" solutions for those who prefer to own the solar parks by their consumption.

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